Proposal at Heisler Park – Laguna Beach

I was contacted by Stephanie’s mom, who wanted to plan a proposal together with her future son in law in Laguna Beach. Being from Chicago, they needed my help in organizing this of course. Proposals can be tricky, as we don’t want to blow the surprise! Most often I get requests for “sunset proposals”, but in this case, Justin really wanted Stephanie to not have any idea at all, and decided to do the proposal in the morning (early- 8 am!!) after a little game of basketball at Main Beach in Laguna. He was right; Stephanie was completely surprised, it was beautiful.

My kids having fun at the beach :-)

I took these pictures of my own kids. Just a quick 20 minute shoot, during a beautiful Summer evening in August. I’m so lucky, my kids just love each other. They’re over 6 years apart, but don’t feel that age difference at all. This shoot wasn’t planned at all. I usually take my camera every time I go down, just in case I see something that’s worth photographing. This definitely was…

Beautiful Model Savannah at Table Rock Beach

I loved Savannah’s strong look together with a great sense of style. She showed up with tons of great outfits which was just wonderful! It makes it so much fun to do the styling when you’re given all these great pieces to work with. Savannah flaunted it well, loved shooting her. XO Anna Goddard

Hailey- Laguna Beach Portraits

Hailey, such a beautiful girl and so fun for me to photograph. This was the 2nd time in 2 years I photographed her, and again it was a pleasure. I’m so impressed with her gymnastics abilities; she can do a splits in the air without much of a running start. Unbelievable!  For much more of Hailey and other Children’s collections, please CLICK HERE.